Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Iron Lady should not be reviewed by English People

That is pretty much it. It should not be reviewed by English people, or Scottish people, or Irish or Welsh people, anyone from this general area. Why do you ask? Because our knowledge of the history makes for a skewed watching without really being able to pay attention to whether or not it is a good movie. I have read about 10 different reviews since it became known to the world, nine of them were English people who were making cases about how it wasn't accurate or romanticizing Thatcher or how they expected it to be worse than it was. But then i read a review by Moviebob on the Escapist and it put things in much better context.

You see as English people Thatcher is an extremely divisive character, if anything about her comes about, its going to summon up are horde of contempt, or, and i really hope this is the extreme minority, unfrequented love (To a stupid degree, i mean i give props to Atlee and Roosevelt but these guys seem to want to fuck her brains out, which is morbid considering she is still alive.) Anyway, my point being is that for us there is a lot of context, a lot of our history revolved around her. It means that when we watch a film like this we might just forget that not everyone knows this.

The reason Moviebob's was so insightful was because he was not brought up on this history, and so when there are all these snapshots of her various moments in life, to him, its just a weird greatest hits without any information, a strange story of a poor old women being bothered by all these scruffy men, he can tell, and he knows well that there are important moments around her life. But a film like this needs to educate as it goes along, and this goes for the safest of safe routes without really contextualizing anything. This makes it to the non-English viewer rather bland and confusing, which isn't a way to do a historic biopic.

I think this is the same problem with people watching their own history, we can be so blinded from living in it we can't see the woods from the trees. Probably not the right analogy but the fact that we are blinded by our proximity from having a relatively objective opinion on this being a good film on story structure and cinematography alone means we should avoid it and listen to some internationals as to whether or not its a good film.

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