Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hey everyone, just a quick note.

Stop doing the whole "Oh they talk about the deficit but they seem to have the money to do X."

Not because its wrong, but because it only feeds the actual idea that the deficit is an issue. Even bringing up this point as an ironic statement is just reminding everyone about the deficit, which should be the last thing on our minds right now.

Secondly, its just nasty and cynical, it reduces some disgusting policy decisions that can ruin peoples lives but we talk about it as a budget issue. The actual problem of policies that are harming people then get less attention paid to and that should have been the center of the debate from the outset.

Yes a lot of people will state that whatever X policy decision is will be awful, like evicting people from their homes, how much money that costs is inconsequential to anyone but a total cynic, and that's a point of view, not a lifestyle. We should speak about and critique deficit reduction on its own merits of being totally stupid in the middle of a liquidity trap. Not because the government needs to spend money to do anything.

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